Monday, May 27, 2013

Race 17 of 40 - Novi Memorial Day Run 10k

Race 17. Seventeen. I'm almost half done! Right on schedule! For race 17, I chose the Novi Memorial Day Run. This is the first race in a while that I've run by myself. I used to run races by myself all the time. But now that I've met more and more runners, seems like I always know *someone* else.

This was a pretty small race, only about 700 in the 10k. It was a nice route, more hills than I'm used to. Although, with the Kona Run 10-miler coming up,  that's probably a good thing. I hear there's a pretty serious hill in the Kona Run. I don't train on hills very often, so this was a good opportunity to run some hills. Even though people who run hills on a normal basis probably wouldn't consider these "hills". :-)

I have to be honest, I struggled a little with this one. I haven't run a ton since the half marathon. And I ran a long run of 8 miles on Friday night. So my legs were tired. But, I still finished in 1:06, which seems to be my pretty standard 10k time. I really need someone to run a 10k with me and push me to finish in under an hour. I'm SO close - my fastest is 1:04. Shouldn't take *too* much to shave four minutes off my time.

Anyway, as far as the Novi Memorial Day Run, it was nicely organized, cute T-shirt, good post race snacks. This happens before the Novi Memorial Day parade, so I'm sure a lot of people hang out to watch the parade. So it was a nice race, but I I don't know that I see myself running this one again. Nothing wrong with it at all, but nothing terribly special about it either - nothing that will bring me back. There are several other Memorial Day races in the area; I think next year, I'll try another.

So that's it for May races. I have 4 coming up in June, which will give me a 6 month total of 21 races - a little more than halfway!! Crazy to think about!

2013 totals -

17 races
8 5Ks
6 10Ks
1 4-mile
1 8K
1 Half Marathon
Total Race Distance: 84.06 miles

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