Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Race 14 of 40 - Honolulu 5k

This one was different - this was a virtual race. There was an actual 5k held in Honolulu on April 28th. However, for those of us not lucky enough to actually *be* in Honolulu,  there was an option to complete this virtually. How it worked: I paid a registration fee (the fee went towards schools, so all good there) then run a 5k anytime on or before April 28. Post your time on the group Facebook, then they mail you a T-shirt and a medal. Perfect!

The only issue with this is it was the very next day after the half marathon. And I was SORE! Sure, I could have used any 5k time; who would know the difference?! But I was determined to get my butt out the door and move for 3.1 miles, no matter how long it took. So I grabbed my dog and my iPod and my Garmin and shuffled out in the rain. I pretty much strolled the first mile, then picked it up for the next two miles, finishing in just under 40 minutes. My normal 5k is right about 30 minutes, so this was slower than normal. But I was definitely glad I got out and jogged a bit. It actually made me feel less sore.

As far as the swag, I haven't received it yet. I got an email that they were mailing everything. It could take a while from Hawaii! I'll post pics as soon as I do!

So...up next...the Color Run in Ypsilanti. Just a fun 5k which will probably be mostly walking. It'll be a nice way to ease back into running since I've been taking a nice, long break since the half.

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