Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Race 12 of 40 - Run with the Cops, Not from Them

I've been slacking on my blog!!! I've run three races without blogging. Tonight's gonna be a busy night!

So let's start with a fun little race on Belle Isle, called Run With the Cops, Not From Them. This was a charity race, raising money for the For a Day Foundation, which provides free parties and goes to kids with life-threatening illnesses in Metro-Detroit. So right there, the registration fee is going to a great cause.

The race itself was pretty low frills. Which, honestly, is to be expected from a fundraiser. The money should go to the charity, not medals.

I ran this with a new friend, Marcela. We met on a new Facebook group that I started: the Southeast Michigan Runners. (More on that later) Marcella and I have very similar paces; it was fun!!

As far as the organization of the race, the people in charge did a great job. Several follow-up emails before with last minute details. As well as plenty of reassurance that there were extra safety measures in place - this was the weekend immediately following the bombing at the Boston Marathon. Not that I considered NOT running out of fear after Boston, but still nice to know they were taking extra precautions. There also was a banner at the finish line that we all signed in support of Boston runners. After the race, this banner was sent along to the Boston Athletic Association.

The race route was excellent - all around and through the island. My only complaint - the wind. Especially at the end. If the race organizers could make it less windy on the island, that would be greatly appreciated. ;)

So back to our new Facebook group. It seemed like shortly before and after the Corktown Race, there were a lot of runners posting on the Corktown page about upcoming races, training, etc. Clearly there was a need for a runner's group. So the Southeast Michigan Runners (SEMR) was born. We have a very nice group of people and we're slowing meeting up and getting to know each other. We even have t-shirts and bumper stickers. If you're a runner in the Southeast Michigan area, find us on Facebook. We're a fun group; all are welcome!

Gotta give a photography credit for actual race photos to Marcela's husband, Jorge.

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