Saturday, October 19, 2013

Race 34 of 40 - Run Scream Run

Run Scream Run 10k - October 12

Race 33 of 40 - Heroes on Hines

Heroes on Hines Half Marathon October 5, 2013

This half marathon was really, really special for a couple reasons.
Shortly after the column in the Free Press about my 40 races, a guy I've chatted with a bit on Twitter offered to pay for one of my race entry fees. He just said that he was inspired by what I was doing and wanted to help. How nice is that?!
So I decided that if someone else was paying, I needed to run a race that meant something. So I chose the Heroes on Hines half marathon. Proceeds from this race will be used to build and maintain a monument that honors fallen first responders.
Mad, mad respect for the firefighter that ran the entire race in full gear.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Race 32 of 40 - The Brooksie Way

Brooksie Way Half Marathon - new half PR!!! Great event - definitely one I want to continue running in the future.
Also, Becky's first half!

Race 31 of 40 - Detroit Women's Half Marathon and 5k

Detroit Women's Half & 5k - September 22nd

5k - nice inaugural race on Belle Isle. Extra special shout out to Amy for taking 2nd overall. 

Race 30 of 40 - Run Woodstock

Run Woodstock Half Marathon - September 7

Great trail race. Next year, it would seem I've committed to camping for the weekend. As well as running the 50k. An ultra...sure, why not?! 

Race 29 of 40 - Run Like the Wind

Run Like the Wind 10k -August 31 - 2nd in age group!!!
(2nd out of 2, but still!!)

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Race 28 of 40 - The Crim

The Crim 10 Miler - August 24
Great course - very fun - definitely one I don't want to miss in the future!