Monday, February 11, 2013

Tentative Third Quarter Schedule

Even MORE tentative than my second quarter plan:

7.4.2013 - Firecracker 5k - Ann Arbor

7.13,2013 - Bastille Day Race 5k/15k - Fenton

7.20.2013 - Gopher the Gold 5k/10k - Shelby Twp (I ran this in 2011 - it was my first 10k ever)

7.27.2013 - Warrior Dash - my second time - SUCH a blast

8.11.2013 - Stoney Creek Triathlon/Duathlon

8.24.2013 - The Crim (not certain what distance I'll run, ideally the 10-miler)

9.7.2013 - Run Woodstock (probably the 5-miler)

9.21.2013 - Tour de Troit (a bike tour counts as a race, right?! RIGHT?!)

9.29.2013 - Brooksie Way (don't know that I'll be ready for another half - maybe 5k)

There's still some tweaking to be done here. First of all, this is only nine. But this is a pretty good start, me thinks.

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