Monday, February 11, 2013

Even More Tentative Fourth Quarter Schedule

Fourth (and final) Quarter

10.12.2013 - Run Scream Run 5k/10k - Ypsilanti

10.20.2013 - FREEP Half Marathon (My second time - SO much fun)

10.27.2013 - Wicked Halloween Run 10k - medal for this one as well as being the third race of the Kona Running Group's Triple Crown. Which means an additional medal!

11.9.2013 - Ann Arbor Turkey Trot - Iron Turkey

11,17.2013 - Kona Hot Chocolate Run (medal for 10k!!!)

11.28.2013 - Detroit Turkey Trot

Clearly, there is still some planning to be done here. I don't really have December dates yet. But in 2012 I did the Shelby Township Jingle Bell Run as well as the Run for the Dickens in Holly. Running Fit does a Christmas themed race every December as well.

I would really love it if my fortieth race was on New Year's Eve. I think there's a NYE race on Belle Isle every year.
Race 1: New Year's Day 2013
Race 40: New Year's Eve 2013

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