Sunday, January 27, 2013

Race 3 of 40 - Polar Bear 5k

Race 3 - DONE!! This one was a bit of a drive, but I didn't have many choices. Due to my birthday weekend last weekend and TigerFest yesterday, my only open date was today. And the only race I could find was this 5k in Okemos! From the beginning, my plan has been to run 10 races per quarter. And I couldn't allow myself to fall behind in the very first month!! So to Okemos I went! Luckily, it started at 10am so I could still sleep in a tiny bit. This race was easily the smallest I've ever done - I don't think there were more than 300 people! It was a very nice little race, put on by Meridian Twp Parks and Rec. No real frills, not even a water stop on the route. Not a real big deal though. The entry fee was pretty cheap and surprisingly, the shirt was a very nice long-sleeved tech shirt.

This was the first race I've done by myself in while. And while I'm perfectly fine running by myself, it makes the pre and post race a little lonely with no one to chat with. I have friends running the next several with me though.This also was the first race I've run since turning 40 on January 17th. Not that it really feels any different to be 40 rather than 39. Just a little surreal to see "age 40" on my race bib!

This race also marks the first of four straight race weekends. Coming up next - Super Bowl 5k in Novi with my friend Becky. They give away finisher pint glasses! But only to the first 2000 finishers. So Becky, if you're reading this, we GOTTA get 'em!!!

After the Super 5k, I have the Paczki Run in Hamtramck with my cousin Melissa and her brother-in-law Ian. We get paczkis and beer when we finish! That'll be...different. ;-)

Then the next weekend will be the Ice Cube 10k in Mt Pleasant. Yes, Mt Pleasant. That'll REALLY be a long drive. But...there's a finishers' medal for that one! My friend Amber is running as well. But she's doing the half-marathon. (Amber's a beast!)

After the Ice Cube, I'll have a couple weekends off before running another four straight weekends in March. March is pretty well set with the Corktown 5k, the Shamrock n Roll 10k and the April Fool's 10k in Clarkston (my hometown, yay!) I just need to pick one more for the weekend of the 23/24. I may do the Mud Dogs 10k (also in Mt Pleasant), or the Run du Nain Rouge in Detroit or there's also a Bunny Hop 5k in Farmington. I may possibly even run 2 that weekend just to get ahead of schedule. We'll see!

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