Sunday, January 13, 2013

Race 2 of 40 - PoHo Hot Cocoa 8k

For race 2, I did the PoHo Hot Cocoa 8k in Port Huron. This was the second year for this race. An 8k is a little random, but it's a very nice run. It goes from downtown Port Huron up to (and under) the Bluewater bridge. The route is mostly right along the St Clair river. Last year, when it was 14°, running along the water was a little rough. This year, it was nearly 50°!! In Michigan! In January!

I ran this with my cousin Melissa, who was kind enough to slow down for me.  There *may* have been a little good-natured taunting, *maybe* some threats of violence, but we managed to finish in one piece. Even though Melissa was threatening violence on the race coordinators when they were out of Hot Cocoa at the end. And seriously, how do you call yourself the PoHo Hot Cocoa race and not have enough hot cocoa?!? We did get some yummy chocolate fondue though.

I do have to say, I've done this race both years they've run it and they have the best non-medal swag of any race I've done. They don't simply do t-shirts, not even tech shirts. This year, the shirt was a very cool Nike pull-over. Last year, it was a hoodie. (I posted pictures of both) It is a little on the pricier side, but given the swag, it's worth it! They just need to work on their organization for post-race food (absolute cluster, both years!) as well as have enough hot cocoa. But this is one I can see myself running every year.

Next up: I really wanted to do the Auto Show shuffle, a race downtown to coincide with...wait for it...the Auto Show!! But my birthday party is Friday night and even *I* am not dumb enough to schedule a race the day after my own birthday party. So I'm taking next weekend off. My next race will be the Polar Bear 5k in Okemos on January 27th.

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