Friday, August 2, 2013

Races 24 & 25

Ok, I know, I know! I've fallen WAY behind on my blogging!  I'm going to write just one post for races 24 and 25 because...well, let's be honest...I'm feeling lazy and I need to catch up quickly.

Race 24 - Run Drugs out of Town - Fraser, MI 10K

This was  fun, local 10K, for a good cause. This was put on by an organization called Families Against Narcotics -  Their mission is "to raise awareness of the prescription opiate drug abuse epidemic, to reduce the stigma and change the face of addiction, to educate about the dangers of prescription drug abuse and its potential to lead some to illegal narcotic use and to support those affected by drug abuse or addiction."  

So going in, I knew it was for a great cause.  And there were a TON of us from SEMR running this one as well.  Overall, it was indeed a nice little race.  However, it was a little frustrating.  It consists of a 3-mile loop, so 5K people completed the loop once, 10K people completed it twice.  This was also a charity walk, so for my second loop of the 10K, I was constantly dodging the people who were walking the 5K.  This was a great event, for a great cause.  But I think it would be better if they were to just make it a charity walk, rather than trying to include a 10K.  Although, even though I was dodging the 5K people, I still managed to finish in my usual 1:06. :-)

Race 25 - Escape to Belle Isle - 10K

Another Belle Isle 10K! Again, nice little race.  And more SEMR people running. This one was pretty simple, pretty much run a lap around Belle Isle.  It was fun!  Although, this one also had it's shortcomings.  As we were finishing the loop, we ran past the bridge onto the island - and there was no one directing traffic.  We had to cross the road - dodging cars - with no one there to direct.  That's not simply annoying, that's dangerous.  But still, it was nice little run, complete with a finisher's medal.  Y'all should know by now how much I like the bling. ;)

So there it is - 25 in the books.  15 left to go.  Of those 15, there are 2 obstacle course races, 4 half marathons, 1 10-miler, 1 15K, 4 10Ks, and 3 5Ks.  Yikes!!

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