Monday, July 22, 2013

Race 23 of 40 - Firecracker 5k

The Firecracker 5k, a fun run in Ann Arbor on the 4th of July.  This was a really nice little 5k. I always love a visit to Ann Arbor. The highlight of this one, however, was not even the race itself. July 4th is Becky's birthday. Her 30th birthday this year. Her aunt and uncle, Sheila and Steve were running this as well. Sheila contacted me beforehand to let me know that, as a surprise for Becky, she was having shirts made up for us. I thought it was so sweet of her to include me in on the fun. I even agreed to get a birthday girl tiara. (I certainly had the easier job, I won't lie)

So we dressed up in matching t-shirts, applied temporary tattoos, and presented the birthday girl with her birthday tiara. We did also meet up with Mike And Christopher, a couple members of Southeast Michigan Runners.

This really was a nice race. It was well organized and the route was fun. We started downtown and ran towards campus. The last mile went through the West Engin arch and across the Diag. I did have to explain to those who didn't already know that the "M" in the Diag is sacred and please tread gently. ;-)

After the race, Sheila and Steve had another surprise - birthday cake!! It was a little cake, but it was delicious! We literally all grabbed forks and just dug in. The heck with cutting the cake!! We dug in so quickly, I didn't get a before picture of the cake. Oops. 

In the end, this was a really fun race. I definitely enjoy going to Ann Arbor. I like the idea of running with Becky on her birthday, and I'd like to make that a tradition. But there are so many 4th of July races, I don't know about running is one again. I think next year, I'd like to try another. I'll just have to drag Becky somewhere else. She won't mind. :-)

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