Saturday, June 22, 2013

Race 21 of 40 - Plymouth YMCA Father's Day Run

Race #21 - The Plymouth YMCA Father's Day Run. This is one that I actually have wanted to run for a few years. I registered in 2011, but wound up with a last minute conflict and wasn't able to run it. (I have the shirt though!) :) This one is pretty unique; there is a 1 Mile, 5k, and a 10k and they are all staggered so you can run all three! And there's even a little medal for completing all three. As much as I love a finisher's medal I chose to,just stick with the 10k.

This was fun! A lot of SEMR members were there, a few with their dads. I started the 10k with Glenn from SEMR. Now...somehow Glenn got it in his head that we were planning on running this in less than an hour. I explained over and over that I ALWAYS run a 10k in 1:06. Always. No matter what. S,I stuck with Glenn for about 3 miles before I ordered him to ditch me. My splits are hilarious. For the first three miles, I ran about 9:40-10:00 per mile. Which for me, in a 10k is pretty fast. For the last three miles, I was more like 11:30-12:00 per mile. My finishing time - 1:06!!! See, Glenn?! Told ya!! ;)

I'd like to make this a regular race. I'd like to try the triple sometime. It will all depend on the Tiger's schedule in future years though. My normal Father's Day is spent with my dad at Comerica Park. And that's not a tradition I'm going to give up to run a race. the end of this race, I thought I was done for the quarter. I REALLY thought I was going to do 21 races for Quarter #2 then take a nice, long break until the Firecracker 5k on the 4th of July. Well...plans change...

Coming up next...the E.P.I.C. Half Marathon...

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