Saturday, June 1, 2013

Race 18 of 40 - The Rainbow Run

This is absolutely crazy, but I ran a race today and I'm blogging about it TODAY!!! Race 18 was The Rainbow Run, which is very similar to The Color Run, on a much smaller scale. The Color Run was 15,000 and The Rainbow Run was about 1,000.

This was very, very fun. Again, Becky joined me along with her sister Rachel. And Nicki was there with some friends as well. Same basic idea as The Color Run - we start off wearing white shirts, then get colored powder thrown at us at various color stations.

The biggest difference - we got a LOT more colorful today! (Just look at the shirts!) And, no, I haven't washed my Color run shirt yet. I just can't bring myself to wash the dye out. Also, the dye isn't coming off my skin as easily today. I've taken a shower and I still have pink forearms. So I'm pink for a few days. Whatever. :)

This, again, was just a fun run. We ran some, walked some. The big race of the weekend is tomorrow. The Dexter - Ann Arbor run. They do a half, 10k and 5k. And just WAIT until you see the medals!!!! I'm not running the half, Becky and I are running the 10k. But seriously, the MEDAL!!!

Tomorrow will be a first for me in that I'm going to show up in Ann Arbor early to get a few miles in *before* the 10k. This will be my last chance for a long run before the Kona 10-miler and I want to get in at least 9 miles total. So I'll be getting up REALLY early tomorrow. In might be bedtime really REALLY soon.

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