Monday, April 1, 2013

Second Quarter Races

I'm currently registered for eleven race for April - May - June. Here's the plan:

4.13.2013 - Martian Invasion of Races 10k - Dearborn - DONE!

4.20.2013 - Run With the Cops, Not From Them 10k - Belle Isle -DONE!

4.27.2013 - Let's Move Festival of Races Half Marathon - Mt Clemens - DONE!

4.28.2013 - Honolulu Virtual 5k - DONE

5.11.2013 - Color Run 5k - Ypsilanti - DONE

5.19.2013 - Back to the Beach 10k - Stoney Creek - DONE

5.27.2013 - Memorial Day 10k - Novi - DONE

6.1.2013 - Rainbow Run 5k - Ferndale

6.2.2013 - Dexter- Ann Arbor Run 10k - Ann Arbor

6.8.2013 - Kona Run 10 Miler - Northville

6.16.2013 - Plymouth YMCA Father's Day Run 10k

Total race mileage: 63.4 miles

Last night, on a whim, I registered for the 10k for the Plymouth Father's Day Run. So I actually will be running 11 races for the second quarter. This will give me a chance to take more time to focus on the two half marathons that I have coming up in September and October. The plan as of now is 11 races in the second quarter, 9 in the third.


  1. Whew, reading all that left me are a busy runner...I am not so am still building up strength and mileage since my injury last year *pelvic stress fracture* I have a 5k this month and a half in September...maybe I'll find a few more between those two...Great post

    1. Kind of you to say - thank you so much!
      You can do it! What races are you doing?