Sunday, April 14, 2013

Race 11 of 40 - Martian Invasion of Races 10k

After a weekend off, I was back at it yesterday for the Martian Invasion of Races in Dearborn. This one is one of my favorites this year so far. It's a huge event! In additional to the usual 5k and 10k, they have full and half marathons as well. I was really torn before registration; I wasn't sure if I wanted to run the half or the 10k. In the end, I chose to run this 10k and the half marathon in Mt. Clemens which is in two weeks.

I ran this 10k last year, but I wasn't exactly healthy at the time. In fact, this race in 2012 really marks the start of a pretty rough period. I was having some quad soreness in the weeks before this race, nothing that felt serious, but it still didn't feel all that great. I ran/walked it and felt a bit of pain during and after the race. Nothing too alarming, but it *did* hurt. I stretched a lot after, but on the drive home, my quad completely locked up and I wasn't able to walk comfortably for days afterwards. And that quad injury nagged me for pretty much the entire year. I didn't really feel well again until almost November. Sure, I've run other 10Ks this year, but to enter this race in 2013 while feeling felt like a bit of redemtion.

Becky ran this with me, as well as Veronica, a friend from high school. And just like with Nicki in the Shamrock & Roll, Veronica and I really pushed each other the entire way. It was SO fun!! I felt so good the entire race. Plus...medals!!!

This was the first of three race weekends. Next Saturday is a smaller one that I've never done before - Run With the Cops, Not From Them (10k) on Belle Isle then the Let's Move Festival of Races half marathon on the 27th. I also have the Honolulu virtual 5k which needs to be run on or before the 28th. THEN - I get a bit of a break - I'm heading to L.A. for a weekend. And NOT running while I'm there. :)

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