Sunday, March 31, 2013

Races 9 & 10 Run du...April Fool's...?

I'm doing just one blog post for races 9 & 10 because there's just not a lot to say about either one of these. Also, I'm just feeling...well...tired and lazy.

Race 9 was the Run du Nain Rouge 5k in Detroit. This was a race that coincided with the Marche du Nain Rouge, an annual parade to rid the city of Detroit of the evil red dwarf. The 5k itself was put on by the same people that did the Paczki Run, back in February. Jeez, that feels like it was forever ago! Once again, they did a very nice job organizing this race. It was pretty no frills, not even a water stop along the route. But it was a nice route. I did NOT stick around for the actual march later. It was cold, there was a long time between the two, and I was by myself. And going to a parade alone just seems sad. I put this race in the same category as the Riverview Winterfest Run - nothing really wrong with it, but I don't see myself doing it again.

Race 10 was the April Fool's Run 10k in Clarkston, my hometown. :) I'm not gonna lie, this one was a struggle. It was early, it was cold, it was far away. (I'm from Clarkston, but I don't live there anymore) In fact, when I woke up yesterday morning, I seriously considered skipping it. But I was determined to complete the first part of this quest for 40 and this was my last chance to get ten races in the first quarter. So I dragged myself out of bed and hauled my butt north.

The race didn't start well. I just wasn't into it. The route was...odd. And not well marked. There was one section that went through a park and the 5k people took a right and the 10k people went straight to run an additional portion, then loop back and meet up with the 5k people again. Well, the route met back together on a narrow trail and I wound up getting stuck behind some women walking the 5k and it was a struggle to get past them. There also were a couple different portions where the route crossed over each other. Literally crossing over each other. I'm not THAT concerned with time and pace, but I care enough that these things were more than a little annoying.

So I'm running along, not really enjoying myself that much, when something wonderful happened. I was about fours miles in and I caught a glimpse of a woman and she was right on my heels. At first, I was annoyed. Again, I just wasn't feeling it yesterday. I wanted her to just pass me and get off my heels. But then it turned into a game. All that mattered for the rest of the race was NOT letting her pass me. All of a sudden, it got real. So I picked it up for the last two miles. She pushed too. And pushed me right along with her. But she didn't catch me. So what started as a nice, easy (and, let's be honest, grumpy) training run turned into a two mile RACE. It was a blast.

The April Fool's Run didn't start well but ended up being really fun. Although, because of drive to get there, the issues with the route, etc, I really don't see myself doing this again. I ran it because it fit nicely into my schedule and I need forty! But this isn't one I'll do again.

So there it is - 10 races in three months. do this three more times! I get a weekend off next weekend. It's Tigers' Opening Weekend and NOTHING is going to interfere with THAT! In April, I have the Martian Invasion of Races 10k in Dearborn, Run with the Cops Not from Them 10k on Belle Isle and....dun dun DUUUUN...the half marathon for the Let's Move Festival of Races in Mt Clemens. Something I realized this week is that my 13th race of 2013 will be a half marathon (13.1 miles). I swear, I didn't plan that!

Happy Easter, yo!

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